I Owe Joe

A lot of single malt scotch. He has been awesome about mercilessly upgrading, maintaining and pushing WeSolver to the next level. Thank you Joe Vandermark! Kroll Ontrack doesn't pay you enough if you put half into your job what you do for WeSolver.

Love long and prosper.



Record breaker

Blogger says this past month has beat the past all time high for WeSolver (blog) page views = 320 and counting. Don't know that it is worth blogging about but what the heck.

It is a little bit of encouragement regardless, thanks for caring enough to click those links!

what do TED, Wikipedia and Kickstarter have in common?

Put them all together and you get something like what I want WeSolver to look like one day.

Happy MLK

A New Logo and a new Blog!

Dante has come up with a new look for the blog that I will be trying out shortly and he has also come up with a new take on the WeSolver logo! You rock Dante!

I will have both posted as soon as possible. until then here is a preview of the logo.

The Site Was Down and So Was I...

I felt like I was hit by a (common) cold truck Friday morning and am still being run over by it in slow motion, and about the same time WeSolver crashed, Joe had to pick it back up again (wish you could do the same for me, but you rock Joe!).

Anyway, WeSolver is up again and I am sure I will recover, doesn't feel like the flu so I will be fine and WeSolver is in capable hands so life is good.

Israel Loves Iran

A truly inspiring act of peace.

If you are interested in the future of the middle east (or war in general) I recommend watching the TED talk video at this site to learn the true story of what happens when art, politics and human beings get together to make magic happen!